Rider Instructions 


  • Follow traffic laws: please do not be TICKETED as Police and Sheriffs patrol this route.

  • This is a bike ride, not a race, and is held on OPEN ROADS with motor vehicles.

  • All riders must follow the rules of the road, as defined in the California Vehicle Code

  • Stop at ALL stop signs and lights, and ride within the bike lanes unless passing

  • Riders agree to wear approved helmets while riding the bike in this event.

  • All riders MUST have a bike number and wristband on the course for safety and access to SAG.

  • We strongly suggest you bring at least TWO water bottles FULL of water/fluid as well as a cell phone. In consideration of your safety, do not wear earpieces in both ears during the ride.

  • Participants must follow all instructions of law enforcement and/or fire officials

  • Public safety vehicles have the right-of-way at all times!

  • Ride Marshalls will be on bicycles on the course. They will be wearing vests

  • They are cyclists like you, and are present to encourage safe and legal riding and to increase your safety

  • Please follow their advice, if offered

  • Use the toilets provided at the SAG Stops only, please!

  • All riders must ride on the right-hand side of the road, not ride across the centerline, and should ride single file

  • If a rider is unable to continue, he/she should move to a safe place off the road and signal a race vehicle for assistance, or call the dispatcher number provided on the PDF, or on handouts on event day.